Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Android] Ndrive v11.0.8 With Europe v2.21 Maps+Brazil v2.21 (Full)

[Android] Ndrive v11.0.8 With Europe +Brazil v2.21 Maps (Full)

NDrive is an independent developer and provider of a state-of-the art Turn-by-Turn navigation software for Smartphones. NDrive’s software is based on on-board map data, providing a network independent user experience, and connects to the Cloud for a wide range of Location Based Services, including map updates, real-time traffic information and social networks integration. 
Worldwide map and services coverage are provided from several third-parties, including Nokia, TomTom and Open Street Maps. 
The company was founded as a spin-off of a digital map player in 2007, has headquarters in Porto, Portugal, and offices in San Francisco, São Paulo, Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, New York and Shenzhen. 


Files and Folders:

Maps (v2.21 [2012/03]):

Instructions are simple. Just download and install the app, then you have two options: 
Either download files (that contain voices in English, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese), maps by  the links up here. 
Or install everything from the phone's 3G/4G or wifi. (Wifi is highly recommended).
Although it's simpler by doing it through the phone, there's a bug. It keeps asking you to setup a internet connection, which is very annoying
Also, there's speed restrictions.

So, it's up to you.

Bon voyage.